a writings that analyzes a selection of problems from an African-American gay male point of view.

a writings that analyzes a selection of problems from an African-American gay male point of view.

Open Thread: «Disease 100 % Free U B 2»

Wood onto any of the common homosexual hook-up sites, dark Gay speak, Adam 4 Adam, Manhunt, etc and you are sure to see the next; «disorder complimentary U B 2» within about every profile in addition to the common «hood speech», knob size, and favored sexual place.

But is this a kind of sexual discrimination? One HIV positive guy which had written into gender information columnist Woody Miller seems to think-so.

«Understanding with plenty men promoting their own HIV-negative updates in discriminatory terms like “HIV Neg- UB2,” or “D&D Free for exact same,” and lots of some other senseless comments in identical vein? That’s therefore 10 years back! What might they do DIFFERENTLY should they DIDN’T learn my personal standing right up front? And because when really does your message “CLEAN” relate to absence of HIV. YIKES!»

Whenever we should be believe the data nearly 50per cent of black gay the male is positive. So are we naive enough to believe that we have now never slept with somebody who has HIV or will never stumble on some one we have came across online during a hook-up that is not truthful about their standing?

Could it be really important to state, “disease-free UB2” whenever one could easily state “Prefer HIV-?” And when you are encounter somebody for a random hook-up how could you understand definitely if they are becoming sincere?

A wise homosexual guide once told me to take care of every person just as if they’re good and do the best safety measures. So what state you?

Don’t hold-back. Discuss.

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Say What Anthony? «I Consume Bit**** As If You Everyday»!

Equally I was planning to give up on yesterday’s premiere bout of another month on the actual Housewives of Atlanta the drama unfolded in an important way. The «internets» a buzz today about the volatile best scene including homemaker Sheree’ Whitfield and her «very straight» celebration coordinator Anthony Shorter of S.T.E.P.S. show preparing in Atlanta.

Any time you didn’t see it I quickly suggest which you quit reading now and see the video here. You’ll find nothing that i could create which can potentially create just what will certainly go down among the ideal moments in actuality tv, might have to see it on your own.

But what’s more engaging compared to clip may be the e-mail smaller sent to gossip writer and S.T.E.P.S celebration preparing photographer Sandra Rose in an attempt to clear the air and proclaim his. uhmmm. heterosexuality.

I’m extend looking to get the reality straight. Initial, I’m Not GAY! Hitched with kiddies, and like PUSSY.

Next, I was never hired by Sheree or Bravo accomplish a party. This event had been for Atlanta songs Festival, and producer’s ask me to modify the occasion to get a part of a bout of the true Housewives of Atlanta, titled Sheree’s divorce case Party.

I additionally consider me as a specialist with a lengthy standing application. But, if you don’t need make use of Sheree or got any deals together with her you’lln’t read, where i will be from.

What is the outdated mentioning? Myself thinks the girl doth protest too much.

Many thanks for an entertaining night of TV gir! enjoy smaller explain their area of the story in a response movie posted to USTREAM after yesterday evening’s show here.

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ATL Housewife NeNe Leakes foods with David on second period & Closeted Gays

Everyone’s favored reality program diva NeNe Leakes profits this evening in the 2nd month premiere of Bravo’s hit program the true Housewives of Atlanta. ATL Housewives turned into America’s bad pleasure a year ago once we viewed the blunt NeNe get head to head together with her co-stars Kim Zolciak and Sheree’ Whitfield. Who could your investment infamous reunion tv show wherein Kim lied about having cancer and NeNe commenced to breaking out a can of whip *ss on her behalf? Say what you would about Leakes but she creates an enjoyable evening of TV.

Leakes not too long ago seated all the way down with loldarian.com favorite and David Atlanta journal publisher Ryan Lee to talk about a unique improvement towards cast, Kandi previously of 90’s R&B cluster Xscape, exactly what fans can expect during the year, being welcomed by »the youngsters», and just why she does not like closeted gays.

What’s the standing of friendship with Kim?

Well, Kim and I, we have one cup of drink, but you’ll need view to check out what goes on.

And think about this beef between both you and the fresh new homemaker, Kandi?

We don’t discover Kandi — I didn’t understand this lady before ‘The Housewives of Atlanta’ and I nevertheless do not know Kandi. We filmed together as soon as as soon as we were all-in friends or something like that. I never have the chance to truly know their, and that I think Kandi pre-judged me.

She merely judged me based on just what she’s viewed on television, together with simple fact that this lady has some talks and hangs away with Kim many. I find that ladies who will be really weak, they have a tendency to guage early in the place of observing you and discovering who you are for your self, because the relationship I have to you may be very unique of the partnership We have with Sheree.

You’ve been spending considerable time using the homosexual young men in Atlanta and WassupNATL, what keeps that been like obtainable?

The youngsters, they completely love myself. They constantly call me around host their particular happenings and I completely think it’s great. Used to don’t be aware of the homosexual society would definitely you can check here see myself like this — I really consider I found myself a gay people during my earlier life. I don’t know very well what it’s, I just convey more enjoyable using them than I actually do with ladies.

Let’s end up being clear, I do not like the ones that are not outside of the wardrobe. I don’t be aware of the circumstance, and I don’t know very well what it’s want to be a gay guy, but when they’re not out associated with the closet, they bothers myself. So that they can’t hang out with me, honey, unless they’re out of the wardrobe because we speak around an excessive amount of, I been completed informed to them!

I really like folks who are actual, and people who are only being by themselves — that is the sort of lady I like, that is the type of chap I like. Don’t be superficial, don’t put-up any fronts, let’s you need to be actual and tell they think its great was — i really like it!

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