After expressing good-night to one another, Seiji deterred the sunshine in house and went back to their bed.

After expressing good-night to one another, Seiji deterred the sunshine in house and went back to their bed.

«Harano onii-chan, something special available!»

When he returned to his own space, the man observed Reo hopping completely and giving him or her limited souvenir box.

«say thanks a ton.» Seiji enjoyably recognized and started it.

The present is a small whole milk lotion Bunny mascot from sweetie candies woman . It absolutely was linked with a chain, and was actually an appropriate length to be strung on his or her mobile or his own work desk as a decoration.

«i like this, it is rather lovely,» the man told her truly.

The little girl smiled cutely.

After very carefully storing up the little rabbit doll, Seiji deterred the bulbs and went to sleeping.

Then arrived in Reo’s psyche domain.

They opened up his own technique and examined their [products] choice and saw he have obtained numerous incentives from Shika’s, Mika’s, and Reo’s merchandise.

After very carefully checking all his reward things, this individual experienced about the a large number of particular one among these people ended up being –

[Free capabilities use card], been given from Shika’s item.

With this particular one-time-use cards, he or she would use any technique of their at no cost to your, without needing any of his or her focus or Mana, and dismissing any application rules like lots of days this individual might use they in a day. For example, [Light through the Brink], which was simply functional onetime each day, regardless of whether this individual used it once previously, he or she could use they once more on a single night by using this cards!

The guy gotten an [hidden hit cards] from Mika’s current.

This one-time-use card will allow your being fully undetectable until this individual touched some life monster or guy. This condition may be managed for at the most 2 minutes, therefore is easy for especially those with an impressive standard of [Astral visualization] in order to read your. If the man assaulted everything experiencing while under this invisibility effects, his or her assault’s electric power could be twofold, and then he would be shared afterwards.

This is basically a traditional mix off some assassin tips like «stealth» and «backstab!»

He or she received a [Damage-canceling security credit] from Reo’s item.

Employing this one-time-card will allow him to block any one assault originating at him or her and see zero injury from it.

He previously best three phrase to explain it: life-saving card! The guy could positively operate pretentiously employing this to bar some foe’s final skill.

Aside from these three poster, majority comprise some stat-raising black-jack cards along with things that have below incredible consequence.

Seiji gratefully approved all their emotions.

The guy immediately employed these stat-raising cards he previously got, which increased his [Art], [Charisma], and [Spiritual energy] stats respectively.

Proceeding that, he sealed their method and started to practice growing.

After he accomplished the progress requisite and settled the needed points, Seiji learned [Beginner-level Healing].

Seiji rested for a short time, then he used the same old technique of jumping off the steps to leave Reo’s psyche world.

As he woke right up, he got all the way up gently if you wish to definitely not wake Reo, grabbed up out of bed, wear his own coat, and wandered away from his place.

The guy walked to the lounge, and found that Chiaki wasn’t truth be told there!

The front house would be open.

Seiji walked external to find the silver-haired charm standing upright outdoors, quietly noting the evening heavens with her borrowed fabric quilt covering the woman shoulders.

The snow got halted decreasing these days, and so the satellite had appeared. It actually was lighting everything with a gentle color shine.

Under this gold satellite, a silver-haired girl had been searching for in the air… this stage seemed gorgeous and poetic to Seiji.

This individual stepped to this lady back, and quietly looked over the night air together with the lady.

After a minute of quiet.

«You found me personally,» Chiaki stated softly. «i did not rest coupled with Mika, because we felt that I would personally be struggle to sleep tonight. I should have got came back house, but I absolutely didn’t wish return… and so I could simply bother you tonight. Well, i did so desire to encounter what it really decided to fall asleep on tatami pads by a kotatsu ‘s side at the same time… at any rate, I happened to be only becoming willful. I am sorry for hassle i might need caused you.»

Seiji featured towards her.

«i did not discover things specifically, and is simply allowing you to does whenever delighted. We became available in the night time to evaluate a person because I happened to be worried if you would be chilly. I know you can feel little willful in some instances, and it’s good. Basically thought that that you were saying one thing irrational, I’d investigate they. Basically believed which you were doing things excessive, I’d stop you using wrought iron fists of fairness. And also on another fingers, provided I would not thought actually one thing ridiculous, I’ll work together with you, or help you, or accompany an individual.»

Seiji smiled delicately. «Hence, therefore you shouldn’t apologize, nor reduce on your own excessively in loneliness… The appearance of women run from a tragedy story doesn’t suit your style whatever, Chiaki.»